What if you need to lose 20 pounds fast?

Are you getting ready for a special event? Do you need to drop 20 pounds in the next 6 weeks? Would you like to create great memories with friends and family without avoiding the “picture time”? Would you like to enjoy vacation, reunion or a friend’s wedding in the dress a size or two smaller?

Whatever reason you have for the burning desire to look fabulous in the next 6 weeks, this is for you.

Get Results Fast!!!



Get Results Fast

Step By Step Guide How  To Lose Weight Fast

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Now imagine yourself:

  • Wearing that killer dress
  • Being self-confident
  • Enjoying your life
  • Being happy
  • Step By Step Guide To Get Fast Results Guaranteed!

    I will provide you with a step by step guide on how to lose weight fast and if you follow the simple instruction in my course you will get results. That is a guarantee!

  • Mindset 

    I will explain why mindset is so important, how to improve and change it. 

  • The method to lose 20 pounds fast

    I will explain the actual method of losing 20 pounds fast. All you need to do is incorporate all my advice and the results are a sure thing! 

  • How To Control Stress

    You will also get instructions on how to control stress (which is very important, because stress creates a hormonal imbalance that keeps those pounds untouchable).

  • Intermittent Fasting

    For fastest possible results I explain why is it so important to fast and what are the actual benefits of fasting. 

  • What To Eat To Burn Fat

    For fastest possible results you are getting Introductions To Ketogenic Way Of Eating.

  • Low Carb Cook Book!

    You will also get my Low Carb Cook Book, great recipes to support you on your journey. 


A couple of success stories from my clients...

Fatima A.


. I accepted the plan she created uniquely just for me. I love that she does that for each client- personal approach. No cookie cutter model. With in 7 weeks I:

  • Dropped 2 dress sizes from wedding dress XL to M
  • Lost 26 pounds
  • Learned to balance my diet and enjoy my favorite food (not all the time)
  • Learn to eat guilt free
  • Enjoy clothes shopping again (I was always buying what was available in my size, now my size is not an issue, only if I like it or not).

Needless to say, my wedding dress was gorgeous, I felt like a princess and my husband can’t keep his hands off me. Life is good, I am HAPPY.

Lizzy P. 

Graphic Designer

Six weeks in and my feet didn’t hurt on a daily basis. By which point I lost about 20 lbs!!! In six weeks!!! I became more flexible, I can squat, bend and jump with the best of them. Tie my shoes and take my sweet time while doing it, no choking or fear of imminent stroke on my mind. Depression is long gone. My overall health simply improved.

Would you like to be guided, step by step, through weight loss and get results FAST?

With this information you will have enough tools to create your own unique (there is no cookie cutter model for weight loss) plan for successful permanent results.

Leila Fazlicic

Acupuncturist, Health Coach, Author, Creator 

Who is Leila Fazlicic???

I am a simple person who enjoys helping others and live my live to the fullest. What is the “fullest”? It depends on the moment or situation. I am only trying to be happy. One of the things that makes me really happy is helping others. This desire to help others brought me to healthcare at a very young age. Being Bosnian, I had a different educational experience. I started nursing school, caught in the war, working as a R.N. during the war time (1992-1995), led me to graduate physical therapy to be able to help more. (University Of Sarajevo)

After I moved to the US I needed to start from the beginning (I needed to learn English language enough to communicate), then I fell in love with acupuncture and all the benefits that this medical modality has to offer. (I must say that I am falling in love with acupuncture almost daily when I see the results of my clients, there are amazing stories). I completed the Master Level Certificate at Midwest College Of Oriental Medicine in 2010 and shortly after that I opened the door of my acupuncture clinic in Lincolnwood IL (www.acupunctureinchicago.net) serving Chicago and northern suburbs ever since.

 When it comes to weight loss and health coaching that is the most personal experience for me. In these cases I forget all of my professional credentials and personal accomplishments, I just saw me being obese, limited by size, having health concerns, social life was controlled by size, I hated to be photographed or buy new clothes (I was not able to buy what I liked, I had to buy what was available in size 26-28) I gained over 150 pounds in a couple of years, I lost most of them too. Gaining all that weight is the only thing in my life that I felt guilty about. I shouldn’t have felt guilty, but I didn’t know at that time that hormonal imbalance was the one to be blamed. My personal experience with weight struggle led me to create a program that resets hormonal balance, adjusts body set weight (yes we do have that and it is located in our brain, controlled by a hormone-leptin) and give permanent results (if you are following given advice). This creation was born from necessity, after visiting many experts M.D-s., Nutritionists, Psychologists and personal trainers, after following their advices and programs my results were limited and frustrating. I would always regain what I have lost and plus more, this led me to have a BMI of 49.9. Scary.

Needless to say that I spent every spare moment trying to resolve my problem, and I did it. I am today a healthy, active and happy person with a BMI of 27.2 (yes I know it is not perfect, but I am not looking for perfection, only for happiness) and I must say I found my happiness. Let me help you to discover yours.

P.S I am a size 10 now.

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